The Valley Lighthouse’s Workforce Training and Life Skills Programs

are designed to train disadvantaged youth and adults in 

basic Life Skills, to prepare youth and unskilled adults for 

entry into the labor force and to provide educational and 

job training to economically disadvantaged and other

 individuals facing serious barriers to employment.

Adult and youth programs:

·         Provide for an education for employment program

 to offer individualized instruction to prepare students to 

meet State and local general education diploma and basic

 education competency requirements.

·         Provide for a pre-employment assessment and skills

 training program for youth aged 14 through 21, with priority

 given to those who do not meet established academic

 achievement levels and who plan to enter the full-time

 labor market upon leaving school. (see JOBS)

·         Provide for internships and/or an entry employment

 experience program for youth who meet certain requirements.

·         Provide for a school-to-work transition assistance 

program for high school seniors with an economic 

disadvantage and dropouts.

·         Provide internships as part of the training where applicable.

·         Provide retraining for displaced adult workers

·         Provide Life Skills training (see LIFE SKILLS)


·         Carpentry

·         Roofing

·         Plumbing

·         Electrical

·         Welding

·         Vehicle Repair /Bodywork

·         Forklift Operation

·         Commercial Cooking

·         Food Service Management and Serving


·         GED

·         Cooking

·         Caring for children

·         Sewing, Ironing and Clothes Care

·         Finances / Banking / Credit

·         Computer Skills

·         Professional Etiquette / Manners

·         Car Care

·         Time Management

·         Coping with Failure and Celebrating Success

·         Urban Survival Skills

·         How to Apply for a Job

·         Basic First Aid and What to do when you are sick

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