The 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month is Freebie Friday! 

Free bread and pastries starting at 11 AM

Future Events

Gun Bingo June 24th

Lighthouse 2nd Annual 5k Race September 2nd

Cash Bingo PLUS  – October  28th –      

What is Cash Bingo PLUS? Each game winner still gets the standard $ based upon the number of people playing plus we also add gifts to every other game!

Our fundraising events help to off-set the costs of the many programs we offer.

ALL Bingo Events – Doors open at 11:00 AM   BINGO BEGINS AT 1:00 PM

Need a large space to hold your event?  The Valley Lighthouse has the largest ballroom in the Lykens Valley and would love to talk to you about your event. 

Call us at 717-453-4238  or email to

Cash Bingo PLUS – November 18th

Cash Bingo PLUS – December 9th

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September  3, 2022         The Lighthouse 5k Run and Fun Walk

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