Valley Workforce Initiative

The Valley Workforce Initiative

The Mission of the Valley Workforce Initiative is to provide education and vocational opportunities to individuals who are facing barriers in accessing life skills, higher education and skill sets that can lead to financial stability and greatly enhancing quality of life. We are focused to provide both educational equity and economic mobility to the residents of the Northern Dauphin and surrounding communities.
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Digital Literacy

Explore all the career services offered at The Valley Lighthouse 
through PA CareerLink® with services ranging from, computer
skills classes, on-the-job training,1-on-1 career advising, job
placement in high-priority 

industries, and so much more! Every Tuesday and Thursday our computer lab is open to all learners and will be staffed for assistance with learning, software and hardware issues. The classes are self-paced with instructor support including access to a computer, printer and Wi-Fi. Job placement assistance, training services, and certifications are also available.

Contact for more information:
Holly Simmons at


The Sharing Center

At The Sharing Center at The Valley Lighthouse people experiencing difficult situations can get free clothing, household goods, linens, and some furniture. 

When a family loses everything in a disaster, or someone is starting over after addiction or imprisonment, everyone wants to help but it is sometimes hard to know how to help.

For more information about The Sharing Center, please contact Lisa Cannon, Manager, at 717-727-5446

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