Making a difference one family at a time.

The 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month is Freebie Friday!  Free bread and pastries starting at 11 AM Bread, bagel, English Muffin and pastries provided FREE to over 300 families each giveaway.

We regularly receive pork and beef products from Clemens Foods which we distribute freely. In one month alone 23,000 pounds of sausage, chorizo, links and patties donated to the Lykens valley, Harrisburg, and 23 other surrounding communities.  In the last 6 months we have given away over 100,000 lbs of meat products.

Twice a month we pickup between $5,000 and $8,000 worth of returns, out of stock etc items from Bed Bath and Beyond in Reading which we distribute free through The Sharing Center.

We also pick up skids full of returns etc from Walmart in Lancaster which we distribute free through The Sharing Center. They supply lots of new underwear which is a great need plus other items too.

The Sharing Center accepts donated / used furniture, appliances, beds/frames, bedding, plates, flatware, kitchen utensils and small appliances that we give to our clients at no cost.

The Sharing Center is combining our resources and partnering with other community based agencies, organizations and churches who are helping families and individuals move from homeless shelters, incarceration, difficult life circumstances or transitional housing by providing good, used furnishings, cookware, dishware, silverware as well as just about anything needed get started in their new digs! It’s a simple idea but has a transforming impact on the future of those who are committed to life change. We regularly serve 200 families per month.

We partner with Paws for a Cause and share our donations.  They pickup at a Walmart and Big Lots warehouses and give us half of the food stuff for us to give away.

An organization in Pine Grove butchers and wraps venison which we also give away.  Last week we gave over 1500 lbs. of ground venison to the community.

We continue offering the aHa Program (https://www.ahaprocess.com/) to the Northern Dauphin County residents. The programs are: 

Getting Ahead in a Just Getting by World –   In progress now with community volunteers

Getting Ahead in the Workplace –   Will start after the above program

Getting Ahead While Getting Out – Stephen Sands in facilitating this in Dauphin County Prison

History and other programs — 

The property at 105 Main Street, Lykens, PA 17048 was donated to what would become The Valley Lighthouse, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit with the agreement that we would carry out the vision and the purpose of providing services to the Northern Dauphin county and surrounding rural counties.

While we were renovating the building, we were able to use the space for the 2018 Big Fred Tribute and Hunt where we were able to serve 200 breakfasts, 250 lunches and 300 dinners and offer a great night of entertainment.

Throughout the year we hosted small events and in 2019 we again hosted the Big Fred Tribute and Hunt  200 breakfasts, 200 lunches and 250 dinners.

While continuing the renovations during 2019 we contacted local businesses to form The Valley Workforce Initiative. The Mission of the Valley Workforce Initiative is to provide education and vocational opportunities to individuals who are facing barriers in accessing life skills, higher education and skill sets that can lead to financial stability and greatly enhancing quality of life. 

We hosted our first meeting on June 19th, 2019 with 14 in attendance.  The purpose of the meeting was to begin a conversation with local business and school districts on employment barriers and needs with the goal to work with and build on workforce development.

We met again on October 9th with Hillary Lyle from PA CareerLink and Matt Ross from SCPa Works and 12 other attendees.

Our January meeting was cancelled due to the regulations concerning Covid 19.   Everything was put on home while we as well as our local businesses worked to figure out what the new normal would be.

As people lost their jobs due to the pandemic, we realized that we could help in another way – supplying food.  From April 1 to October 30th The Valley Lighthouse partnered with the Skip Program – to distributed food from our building along Rt 209. We helped distribute bulk product weighing 16,792 lbs with a value of $20,915.20.  We also distributed donations from the USDA’s Farm to Families including produce boxes and milk weighing 1,063,870 lbs with a value of $1,507,100.  We also distributed 16 skids, 6,000 pounds, valued at $10,000 in 1 lb. packs of bacon in less than 3 hours.  Sysco donated meats and Musser donated potatoes.

During this time when nothing was happening at TVL I laid myself off and went on unemployment to save money.  I continued to come to TVL every day to volunteer and run the forklift.   I had already been only taking half salary to stretch the funds we had.

Seeing the great need in the valley, SNYDER PHYSICAL THERAPY in Tower City collected  HEALTH & BEAUTY SUPPLIES, • CLEANING SUPPLIES, • BABY SUPPLIES

Laundry & Dish Detergent, Shampoo, Soap, Shaving Creme & Deodorant

Toothpaste, Toothbrushes, Mouth Wash & Dental Floss, Diapers, Wipes & Baby Shampoo etc and ask if we could help them get the product to those in need. On Wednesday May 13th, 2020 we held a No Contact, DRIVE THRU for free pickup of household items in The Valley Lighthouse parking lot.   IT WAS A GREAT SUCCESS!

Salvation Army “Operation BBQ” Meals Distributed

Recipients picked up over 1200 boxes of meals (4 meals for 4 people) in a drive thru event at TVL.  In addition we distributed snack boxes.

USDA’s “Operation Covid Recovery” Snack Packs for school children

On two separate occasions TVL stored 16 pallets of 81 boxes (12 meals per box) for a total 2592 boxes.

Northern Dauphin County Community Blood Drive – July 22nd 2020– Due to Covid, the blood bank could not use their buses so we hosted it in the building .  Twenty-two people donated 15 pints.

Fund Raising BBQ on May 17th, 2020 to raise money for Wiconisco Fire Company, Lykens Fire Company, The Skip Program, and The Valley Lighthouse

 Almost $4000 collected – Each of the four got almost $1000 each. Meat donated by Sysco.    BBQing donated by Evan Deimler.   Potatoes donated by Hunsinger Farms

National Night Out Blood Drive – October 9th

James Burke of Central Penn Blood Bank emailed, “Yes sir, we had 38 people register and were able to collect from 29.  Each donor gives just over a pint, but it is actually then broken down into three separate items.  We split the red blood cells, plasma, and platelets.  So in reality, those 29 donations will be able to help a minimum of 87 people.  Thank you for all your help!”

Harvesting Health October 10, 2020 –

We had thirty-two vendors (See attached list of vendors) and over 200 people from the community attended.  Approximately 30 Penn State medical students working through SCOPE helped at the registration table, took surveys, checked temperatures, and were very friendly and open.  Professional staff administered flu shots. 

The Sharing Center – We arepartnering with Friends Over Fences (another nonprofit) tohelp our valley’s less fortunate with clothing and household goods.  Anyone who is referred by an agency, police, county office or churches can come and shop for free.  We have been pleased to help those who lost everything in fires, homeless who are starting over, returning citizens getting a place to live and others who just need some items.   Great video of https://www.facebook.com/givinglightchurch/videos/318649806439841 of Lisa Cannon, RN explaining what we do.  Lisa donates her time every day from 10 AM – 3 PM to manage the Sharing Center and keep me in line.  Her husband, Steve Cannon, donates the same time and helps me with odd jobs around The Valley Lighthouse.  I don’t think we could do it without them!

Red Carpet to Healthy Living    Saturday, January 23

Flu shots, blood donation, blood pressure check, and lots of tips and drawings!

Brought to you by Northern Dauphin Human Services Center, SCOPE at the Penn State College of Medicine, Penn State Community Health Team, the Valley Lighthouse, and Central Pennsylvania Blood Bank.

Everyone loves Farm Show Potato Donuts so when Friends of Lykens Summer Concerts asked us to help with their Fundraiser on Sat. Feb. 13, 2021 we readily agreed for them to use the Lighthouse as their distribution point, and they sold out in hours.

Salvation Army / Green Foundation Grant – aHa Program

In partnership with Salvation Army we received a $15,000 grant to implement the aHa Program  (https://www.ahaprocess.com/) from the Truist Foundation Community Reinvestment Act Grant. The programs are:

Getting Ahead in a Just Getting by World –

Getting Ahead in the Workplace –

Getting Ahead While Getting Out –

In 2022, we received an additional $15,000 grant from the Truist Foundation Community Reinvestment Act Grant to continue with the aHa program of Getting Ahead.

 Blood Drive at The Valley Lighthouse on April 15, 2021

James Burke of Central PA Blood Banks said “I wanted to reach out and thank you for all your help on Thursday, it was an incredible turnout. We had 61 people show up and were able to collect donations from 50 of those. Hopefully this news can be a bit of a pick me up for Mr. Rudisill. Thanks again for everything!”

Northern Dauphin Christian School Fundraising Banquet was hosted on April 17th. The school utilized the large banquet room and the 2 smaller rooms.  App 350 guest plus staff.

Vaccine Clinic at the Valley Lighthouse April 21, 2021 from 10 AM – 3 PM

100 doses were administered – the second shot is scheduled for May 19th, 2021

We hosted Spring into Wellness Healthy Families | Healthy Community on May 8th from 10AM – 2PM

Drive Through Event at The Valley Lighthouse

Food Vendors, Door prizes, Give-Aways   First 50 Women received a special treat in honor of Mother’s Day!**

SPONSORED BY Dauphin County Commissioners, Jeff Haste, Mike Pries, and George P. Hartwick III, The Valley Lighthouse, PennState Health Scope

We hosted The Center for Independent Living of Central Pennsylvania (CILCP) for a FREE Direct Care Worker training on May 8th at The Valley Lighthouse. The Center for Independent Living of Central Pennsylvania (CILCP) is committed to providing services, making referrals and taking employment actions without regard to age, ancestry, color, disability, national origin, race, religious creed, sex, veteran status or any other characteristic protected by applicable federal, state or local laws or ordinances.

Vaccine Clinic at the Valley Lighthouse May 15th, 2021 from 10 AM – 3 PM

250 doses were available for the first round of shots

See my interview at https://www.abc27.com/news/health/coronavirus/vaccination-frustration/vaccine-clinic-scheduled-for-northern-dauphin-county-residents/

Community Spotlight about The Valley Lighthouse on Facebook  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yC_l6iWUiJ8

Vaccine Clinic at the Valley Lighthouse June 5th, 2021 from 10 AM – 3 PM

250 second doses available

Thru SCPA’s Works we received a Digital Literacy Program leveraged through the PA CareerLink® system to host a computer lab in The Valley Lighthouse.  8 laptop computers, internet access etc will be provided as well a paid tutors of 15 hours per week.  Also, a partnership with Harrisburg University of Science and Technology (HU) will allow job seekers to have the ability to engage in digital literacy classes, as well as online STEM education and training programs through Harrisburg University’s Enrichment Programs.  This gives us great credibility and exposure for other opportunities.

We have a great supportive board of directors with Dr. David Russell, Pastor Benjamin Brown, Gail Sands, Jason Hamlin and Matt Messinger.  Each are gracious in their time devoted and their help.

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